How to get involved

We hope that you will enjoy reading and participating in the discussions on Where there is no data.  We also welcome contributions from all readers, in the form of posts or articles.

We want to involve as wide a range of contributors as possible, from community organisations and activists, programmes, NGOs and academia.  To start, we would like blog posts of about 300-600 words (this is not a strict word limit!) that explain a situation where there was no data, or data was not being used, and how that was resolved.  What did it take? What methods or tools did you use? Was it effective? What sort of effort did it require, in terms of time and money?  Blog posts should include links to references, particularly practical tools and reports, that users can refer to in order to learn more.

Everything will be published under a Creative Commons licence, which means that users will be entitled to copy and adapt the content, as long as they acknowledge the source, and as long as they do not do so for commercial gain.

Contributors should be prepared to submit posts under their own names and should include a brief biography and email contact details (or a willingness to allow administrators to forward enquiries to them through the site); however we will consider publishing anonymously if there are good reasons to do so. Please contact us to discuss this, using the form below.

We realise that many people have experiences to share but may not be able to write about them.  If this is the case for you, please get in touch – we may be able to find an easier way of helping you to feature your experience on the site – for example by publishing a post based on an interview with you.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions for how we could improve Where there is no data, please tell us using the form on the Contact us page.